#ProPanthers NFL Training Camp Edition

Jonnu Smith – TE #81 Tennessee Titans

With most NFL teams starting their training camps today we thought it would be a perfect time to take a look at FIU Panthers on NFL rosters. We’ll review where their NFL careers stand and give predictions for the season.

T.Y. Hilton – WR #13 Indianapolis Colts

T.Y. is the reigning NFL receiving yards leader with 1448 last season. Many consider him a top 10 receiver in the league and we feel that’s selling him short (we think he can be closer to 5 than 10). With Andrew Luck struggling with a myriad of injuries in 2016, Hilton was still able to put up huge numbers. IF, and that’s a big if, Andrew Luck can stay healthy and the offensive line for Indianapolis improves, T.Y. Hilton can make the leap to the First Team All-Pro echelon of receivers. He’s the best deep threat in the league and for those long routes to materialize you need to give your QB time in the pocket. If the offensive line continues to struggle with pass protection we can see our favorite #ProPanther’s numbers take a slight dip. Either way T.Y. Hilton is a Pro-Bowl caliber player and we should see him get over 1,000 yards for the fifth straight season.

Johnathan Cyprien – SS #37 Tennessee Titans

John Cyprien got a 4 year 25 million dollar deal this offseason to move to Nashville. He’s coming off another strong season in which he started all 16 games and was graded the top safety against the run by Pro Football Focus. Cyprien has not always done as well in pass coverage and he is joining a Titans team that ranked near the bottom of the league against the pass in 2016. Tennessee made several changes to their secondary, including Cyprien, which they expect will translate to improved pass defense. With good cornerback play around him, John Cyprien will have the freedom to get in the box and do what he does best, stuff running backs. Being on a much better team in 2017 will also get Cyp more exposure and possibly a pro bowl appearance for FIU’s highest ever draft pick.

Jonnu Smith – TE #81 Tennessee Titans

Speaking of the Tennessee Titans… they selected Jonnu Smith in the third round of this years draft making him the first Panther drafted since 2013. Jonnu has already impressed in off season workouts with his athleticism, versatility and ability to learn quickly. Pro-Bowl teammate and first team TE Delanie Walker praised Jonnu saying “one day he will be better than me.” Jonnu will get plenty of chances to show his skills this preseason. He projects to work alongside Walker in two tight end formations and possibly line up as a receiver as well (like he often did at FIU). This should be an interesting rookie season for Jonnu Smith.

Dieugot Joseph – OL #68 Chicago Bears

Dieugot Joseph was picked up as an undrafted rookie by the Chicago Bears and earned his training camp roster spot. He has some work to do as many project him to be a longshot for the 53 man roster. The fact that he will get NFL training camp and preseason experience will serve him well and likely land him on the practice squad. GPSC is hoping that Joseph surprises many  and leaps some of the veterans on the depth chart and finds himself on the Bears roster for Week 1.

Gold Paw Sharp Claw will post weekly #ProPanthers updates to keep track of our NFL players as well as our CFL players! Stay tuned…

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